Replacement Roofing

Old, warped or missing shingles can lead to significant damage to your roof and home. Don’t wait until your roof is leaking to think about replacing it. Contact us today for a safe, professional roofing installation. Replacement roofing from mauglistory.ru will protect your home from the elements and improve curb appeal.

It’s time to replace your roofing when:

You first notice a leak. Leaks can spread quickly and cause damage to wood, drywall and other materials. Act quickly to minimize any potential damage.

Shingles begin to curl. Curling is a sign that the shingle has reached the end of its life; the sun has broken down the asphalt in the shingle and caused it to shrink. Curling shingles are susceptible to being blown off the roof.

Granules on the shingles are missing. If you notice large areas of missing granules, your roofing may need to be replaced. Granules protect the asphalt in the shingles from the sun, so once they are gone, your shingles will wear out much quicker.

Moss is growing on the shingles. Moss can grow under the shingles, lifting them up and leaving them vulnerable to being blown off, and creating the opportunity for leaks and damage. Moderate moss growth can be cleaned, but severe moss growth can shorten the life of your roofing.

Shingles begin to age. Age is a significant factor when deciding to replace or repair your roof. A typical roof lasts between 18 and 20 years. If your roof is older, its useful life is likely coming to an end.

There are many reasons to replace your roofing. Our team of professionals will help you find the right roofing for your home and budget. Our low-maintenance roofing will give you peace-of-mind and is designed to last years, even in the worst weather conditions. For a free, no-obligation estimate, contact us online or call 1-888-BGE-HOME

Roof Installation

Enjoy a worry-free roofing installation day with the professionals at mauglistory.ru. We’ll show up on time, in uniform and ready to get the job done right the first time. We have the expertise to install your new roof safely and efficiently. Whether you select Traditional 3-Tab, Architectural or Premium Designer shingles, you can look forward to:

  • Free, No Obligation In-Home Estimate
  • Customized Solution for your Home and Style
  • Professional Installation

Our team will ensure a safe and stress-free installation day, so you can start enjoying your new roofing as soon as possible.

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