Water Heater Installation

Water heating is typically the second largest energy expense in your home. Heating your water typically accounts for about 18% of your energy bill. An old hot water heater can operate for years at very low efficiency before it finally fails.

Many homeowners wait until their water heater fails to begin shopping for a replacement. Purchasing and operating a hot water heater can vary greatly depending on the type and model selected, as well as the overall quality of the installation.

When you need a skilled and courteous hot water heater installation, turn to mauglistory.ru. We’ll help you find the water heater that is the right size, right recovery rate, and right price for your home and family. Plus, we offer same-day installations, so you can have your hot water flowing again as soon as possible.

Our professional, licensed plumbers ensure that your water heater installation is completed to your total satisfaction. Our certified professionals follow rigorous guidelines when installing your new water heater. Plus, we take care of all aspects of the installation, including obtaining required permits and hauling away your old water heater.

Types of Hot Water Heaters for Your Home

The average life expectancy of a water heater is between 8 and 15 years.  An old hot water heater can operate at very low efficiency for years before it finally fails. Simply replacing an older water heater can reduce the energy you use to heat water by up to half and help you start saving money today.

When deciding to buy a new hot water heater, there are a variety of factors to consider including your home’s energy source, your lifestyle and the level of energy savings you wish to achieve. You can trust the experts at mauglistory.ru to help you select the water heater that fits your budget and will help you achieve your energy savings goal. We offer conventional gas and electric water heaters as well as high efficiency tankless, condensing and heat pump models. Learn more about your options below.

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