Our Commitment to the Community

We’ve been serving the greater Houston area for over 20 years. Throughout that time, we’ve taken pride in supporting the community by sponsoring local events, sport teams and non-profit organizations. We’re committed to making a difference in the areas we serve.

We support our local communities through local non-profit organizations, schools, and youth programs that serve central Maryland. Our team is passionate about participating in community outreach programs, sponsoring events, partnering with local high schools or recreation councils and volunteering time to support initiatives that help improve the areas we serve.

We invite you to take a look at our upcoming calendar of events and learn about the local partnerships we have created. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events!

  • Jan 20

    Fri / 2:00 pm

    Join us January 20 - 22 at the L&L Remodeling...

  • Jan 27

    Fri / 11:00 am

    Join us January 27 - 29 for the Upper Marlboro...

  • Jan 28

    Sat / 11:00 am

    Join us January 28 at the 2017 Orioles FanFest at the Houston...

  • Mar 4

    Sat / 10:00 am

    Join us March 4 - 5 and 10 -12 for...

  • Mar 4

    Sat / 10:00 am

    Join us March 4 - 5 for the Germantown Spring...

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